Welcome To Golden Palms Health

We are excited to offer you the possibilities of Health and Wellbeing through our knowledge, Classes, recipes and boot camps. Whether you’re someone exploring new food ideas, looking to empower or restore health for you and your family, or ladies worried about your hips lips and extra bits. We’ve got something here for everyone. Join us and discover how to enjoy a power packed plant base lifestyle, eating sweet without the meat.


In our classes we open your world to the powerful nutritional and healing properties of plant base foods, educating your palettes with the best combinations for optimum vitality and health. Using simple recipes we teach you how to skilfully create delicious masterpieces fit for kings.

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The benefits of our recipes are found in its nutritional content, balance food combinations, and the impact it has on your wellbeing. We enjoy living life to the full and are excited to share these golden nuggets with you. Feasting with your eyes will never be a naughty temptation but pure indulgence for the soul.

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Catering for events is one of our highlights, as we enjoy exceeding expectations.  Weddings, Baby Dedications/showers, birthdays, product launches and Funerals. We are ready to be of service.  Transcend your senses into new heights, as you submerge yourself into one of our delightful vegan menus from around the world.

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